Montag, 27. Februar 2017

USA 2016 1st part

O.K. to wrap things up, here are finally a bunch of pleinairs i did last year being in California, New York/ Connecticut and Atlanta.
Met some fellow artist there, was very inspiring...

San Francisco and Bay Area

This is not the first painting i did in San Franciso, but the first that kinda worked.
I had a hard time with all the new the materials i brought at blick.
Took some time to get used to it.
Billy goat hill is not far from the place we stayed in Noe Valley/Vicksburg street.

San Franciso City Hall

This was an abandoned gas station in San Mateo. 
I realised there´s a red woman missing , waiting for the bus to make it a perfect Hopper.^^

I left out the fence though...


San Fransisco seen from Billy goat hill

Church street / Noe valley 
No, i didn´t stand on the street while painting. 
There was a very convenient  J-line station...:-)



Beetle Oakland small






IMG 4619

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