Montag, 27. Februar 2017

USA 2016 1st part

O.K. to wrap things up, here are finally a bunch of pleinairs i did last year being in California, New York/ Connecticut and Atlanta.
Met some fellow artist there, was very inspiring...

San Francisco and Bay Area

This is not the first painting i did in San Franciso, but the first that kinda worked.
I had a hard time with all the new the materials i brought at blick.
Took some time to get used to it.
Billy goat hill is not far from the place we stayed in Noe Valley/Vicksburg street.

San Franciso City Hall

This was an abandoned gas station in San Mateo. 
I realised there´s a red woman missing , waiting for the bus to make it a perfect Hopper.^^

I left out the fence though...


San Fransisco seen from Billy goat hill

Church street / Noe valley 
No, i didn´t stand on the street while painting. 
There was a very convenient  J-line station...:-)



Beetle Oakland small






IMG 4619

Sonntag, 12. Februar 2017

Cologne first months

I did a lot of studio work lately. Not much pleinairpainting though. Too cold, at least für my taste.:-)
At least i did 3 paintings on sunny days. Oh great, now it´s official, i´m a Sunday painter…..

Hab einiges im Atelier gemalt in letzter Zeit und war wenig draussen zum Malen, zu kalt  :-)
Wenigstens 3 Bilder in den letzten Wochen , als es mal sonnig war.
Na toll, ich bin also ein Schönwettermaler…^^

Freitag, 3. Februar 2017

Koblenz Urbansketcher

Met with the Urbansketchers Rhein-Main the other day in Koblenz, along with my colleague Yo.

Was fun, but i think the cold and rainy conditions somehow , well… influenced the mood in the paintings. :-P Colors and all….


Hab mich vor ein paar Tagen mit den Urban Sketches zusammen mit meiner Kollegin Yo in Koblenz getroffen. 

Hat grossen Spass gemacht, die Bilder haben aber von dem eher lausigen Wetter nicht unbedingt profitiert. Farbmässig... :-)

Koblenz117 1


Koblenz117 2